Proverbs 2:20 Devotional On THE SECRET OF THE INNER WAY

Daily Scripture Reading: Proverbs 2:20 KJV

Proverbs 2:20 KJV
(20)  That thou mayest walk in the way of good men, and keep the paths of the righteous.


This chapter is full of references to the Way and Path. Three times walk is mentioned, seven times paths, and five ways. This is the path or way by which righteous and good men have gone before us. The inward path and its stages were a favorite topic of old Christian mystics. They believed that God alone was the center and satisfaction of the human spirit. Therefore, we need to continue along the path blazed by holy souls until we realize Monica’s motto: “Life in God and union with God.”

Only those who are willing to face the dangers and steepness of the narrow and narrow path will be able to attain true knowledge of God and union. To reach the inner secrets of God, it is not necessary that you leave your body. This side of the grave may be traveled. It may seem steep and stony, but the soul will be satisfied when it reaches the top and all the glory of the heavens is visible. True wisdom is possible only if we are sincere and earnest about our quest (Pro_2-9). You will be amazed at the number of words used to stimulate our search. Receive! Hide! Apply the heart and tilt the ear! Like the treasures of the mine, the treasures of God are not hidden beneath the surface. However, no work is more rewarding than the one that is done. Our Heavenly Father does more than give good things to those who ask, He is our Shield and Buckler and our Guide (Pro_2 :7-8).

These are the stages that make up the inner Way, as the saints have walked them. Although this is a rare experience, those who have experienced it remind us that no eye has seen or ear heard what God’s Spirit shows to those who love Him and wait for Him. You must be willing to give up everything. To pursue his pursuit of diamonds or gold, he must be willing to suffer hardships and give up much that is dear to him so that he can continue his quest. It must not be this way with those who seek to understand the fear of God and gain the knowledge of God.

PRAYER for Today

We beg Thee to make us more aware of the indwelling Holy Spirit. May He show us in our hearts that even though we sin, we are still Thy children. May He help us to forget the bodily deeds and to cease submitting to the flesh’s whims. AMEN.