Psalms 90:12-14 Devotianal On NUMBERING OUR DAYS

Daily Scripture Reading: Psalms 90:12-14 KJV

Psa 90:12-14 KJV
(12)  So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.
(13)  Return, O LORD, how long? and let it repent thee concerning thy servants.
(14)  O satisfy us early with thy mercy; that we may rejoice and be glad all our days.

Today’s Devotional Is NUMBERING OUR DAYS

This Psalm was composed at the end of the wilderness wanderings. It records some of the sadness that must have overtaken Moses’ heart as he watched his former companions being buried among the sand-dunes.

He likens the years to yesterday’s memory, which fades so quickly; to a watch that is spent at camp fires; the quick rush of the mountain flood; the dream that flashes for a second before the mind; and to the short-lived grass which grows in the morning but dies at night. Every emblem is full of beauty and was evidently taken from the many incidents that took place in these vast solitudes. It was almost as if the heart of this great servant of God had turned away from the passing ages and the decaying of human life to God, whose Being, which is eternal, unchangeable and never ending, was at work. There is transition and change, but there is also the Rock of Ages with its unchanging stability and glory.

Let’s count our days against God’s eternal ages; against the age and universe of God; against the rise or fall of great countries. When we realize the value of our time and how precious it is, we make a concerted effort to redeem it, to seize every golden opportunity.

Giving God a fair share of our time is the heart of wisdom. It is wise to dedicate time each day to the reading of His Word, prayer, and holy fellowship. In every week, it is wise that you reserve a seventh portion for His holy service. The Hebrews spent a lot of time with their religious institutions. This may teach us some important lessons. The old proverb says that prayer and provender do not hinder man. It is wise to ask God to be our guide, so that He can show us how to best use this precious gift called life. All our efforts to make our lives better will go unused if we are not in close fellowship with God. Every action speaks volumes and adds to the power and influence of existence. If your soul is in fellowship with God, there is nothing small, nothing trivial, and nothing unworthy. There will be joy and gladness when we have this fellowship with God, and then the Divine Hand will establish the work of our lives.

PRAYER for Today

O Lord faithful, help us to trust Thee in all things, including death. And to accept Thee as our All in All. AMEN.