Romans 15:33 Devotional On THE GOD OF PEACE

Daily Scripture Reading: Romans 15:33 KJV

Romans 15:33 KJV
(33)  Now the God of peace be with you all. Amen.

Today’s Devotional Is THE GOD OF PEACE

We all need peace! All men need peace. Peace is found in a peaceful home, a growing business and expanding influence, and the love and respect of our fellow men. These are all things that a man can be conscious of and he will say, like Job, “I will die in my nest.” A peace like that is not something we can all comprehend, but it is something that transcends understanding. It is beyond words. It’s like the soft, unaffected ocean depths. This is a patient, in constant pain and in constant need of attention. Yet, he or she is so happy. Joy and Peace sit at the bedside, almost like guardian angels. Hope touches the strings of every lyre and sheds sunlight. How do you explain it? Let the skeptic and the scoffer give their answers! This peace is beyond understanding and comes from the God who is Peace.

The Christian soul will find a silver lining in all clouds; a blue spot in the darkest skies; a turn down the longest lane; and a mountain view that will compensate for the steepest ascent. Keep your eyes on God and follow His path, and you will inherit the land. Because God can do all things, nothing is impossible.

The peace of God refers to the peace of Divine Nature, the very tranquillity that prevails in the heart God of Peace. Jesus spoke of this when He said, “My Peace I give unto You” because His very being was blessed with it throughout His earthly life. “The Lord of peace Himself gives you peace forever.”

We must be vigilant against three things that could threaten our peace. Unconfessed sin, worry, and third, an unrebuked selfish principle are all things we must be aware of. The Apostle said, “Let peace of God rule your hearts.” The Greek word for arbitrate is Let God’s Peace act as umpire.

Life’s discipline will not be ignored. It is possible to expect to be abounding here and to be abasing there. God’s Peace will, however, come down like a sentinel angel with white wings to guard our hearts and minds.

PRAYER for Today

O God, I humblely ask that Thy Peace be the guardian of my heart, mind, and soul, so that it can prevail over all the turmoils and passions within. May I be able to serve You out of this Peace. AMEN.