Daily Scripture Reading: Romans 6:4 KJV

Romans 6:4 KJV
(4)  Therefore we are buried with him by baptism into death: that like as Christ was raised up from the dead by the glory of the Father, even so we also should walk in newness of life.


The key message of this inspirational paragraph is that life in union with Christ the Risen is our goal. The Death of our Lord is behind us, which cut off His people’s fellowship with the rest of the world. The voice of blame or praise cannot reach the dead and they are held at the fast-closed lips. It is our intention that the murmurs of the world do not affect us. Instead, we should focus on God’s Will.

However, it is foolish to dwell on the negative aspects of the Christian life. They are true, they are always there. But to dwell on them would be to miss the power that self-sacrifice or self-denial can bring. Don’t live for the dying, but for the rising side of the work of the Saviour. As He ascends to the Throne of Glory, behold Him. You can seek to be one with Him in the same way as His resurrection (Php_3;10).

Our experience should have a conclusion. It is important to acknowledge the separation from our past lives. It should be clear and we must have made peace with it forever. While it is possible to be tempted and fall under the influence of old sins, it is also possible to have a temporary break with the norm. However, in principle, just like the Israelites, the Red Sea of Christ’s salvation frees us from the former condition. In the sense that we are no longer able to sin, we do not consider ourselves dead to sin. We will soon become disillusioned if we believe this. Instead, we will find that our nature is capable of sin and we have the tendency and desire to do so. We must remember that sin has passed away and that temptation does not have any claim on us. Nelson turned his blindeye to the signals to withdraw from action and we will turn our blind eyes to the tempter.

The Apostle states that our members are to be presented to God as instruments of righteousness. Don’t look at the tempter but at Christ. Give your eyes, ears and heart to Him so He can make the most of them. What becomes the habitual practice in the outward life will undoubtedly affect the soul, spirit, and soul.

PRAYER for Today

We would like to be constrained by the love of Thy Lord, Spirit, Soul, and Body, so that we can live, not unto ourselves but unto Thee, who died, and rise again. AMEN.