John 10:41-42 Devotional On MODERN MIRACLES

Daily Scripture Reading: John 10:41-42

John 10:41 KJV
(41)  And many resorted unto him, and said, John did no miracle: but all things that John spake of this man were true.

Today’s Devotional Is MODERN MIRACLES

PEOPLE were inclined not to praise John the Baptist’s life because he did not perform miracles. His entire life was a miracle, and it vibrated with divine power from the first to the last. This is still a mistake made by men. They claim that the age of miracles is over. They admit that they may have witnessed prodigies once in their lifetime, but they claim that they are now obsolete and the world has grown up to accept them as children!

There are no miracles! Last summer, God provided enough grain for all of the world’s population to feed the farmers. He also provided five loaves of barley bread that would feed more than five thousand people. There were no miracles! Last autumn, however, He transformed the dews at night and the morning showers into the fruits that delight the heart of man. As once in Cana, He made the water from the stone jars into blushing wine. There are no miracles! But next spring, from tiny bulbs and dead seeds, He will cover the entire world in beauty, colour, and fragrance.

These lines are so simple to read that many people who have never seen them seem powerless to make miracles. The monotony of everyday life, the gray sky of uninteresting routine seem to be the fate of many. All such people should take heart! If they are willing to receive the grace of God, the true greatness of life can be theirs. Don’t try to do great things or you could waste your time waiting for an opportunity that may never come. You will always be distracted by little things, so make sure to pay attention to them. Even if the action is trivial, Christ will quickly recognize it and give you the ultimate reward. All of life is fascinating, but it’s important to have eyes to see and hearts that can understand. Dare to be you–a humble, sincere, simple follower of Jesus. It may also be said that: “He/she did not perform any miracle, but through life and word, spoke truthful things about Jesus Christ which we have verified for ourselves.” They led us to believe in Christ ourselves.

PRAYER for Today

Teach me, my God, and King.

All things are possible through Thee.

What I do in everything,

It is for Thee.

This clause is for a servant

Makes drudgery divine!

Who sweeps a space as for Thy laws?

That’s it. AMEN.