Matthew 5:41 Devotional On THE CHRISTIAN EXTRA

Daily Scripture Reading: Matthew 5:41 KJV

Matthew 5:41 KJV
(41)  And whosoever shall compel thee to go a mile, go with him twain.

Today’s Devotional Is THE CHRISTIAN EXTRA

OUR LORD is a reference to the East’s use in the transmission of royal communications. These messages were transmitted by relays of messengers much like the fiery cross in the Highlands as described in “The Lady of the Lake.” Messengers were called “press-men”. Each village or town was required to forward the message to another. The courier was then sent with his horses or mules.

We all experience emergencies in some way. We wake up in the morning without expecting any emergency or other circumstances to interrupt our daily routine. Then suddenly, unexpectedly, a need bursts upon and we are forced to travel in a direction we had never considered. We are forced to travel one mile. Now comes the question. The question is: Now that you’ve done your duty and given everything you could, how will you go about the next mile? The first was your only option; the second is yours. The matter that is not mandatory determines whether you are able to enter into the ministry and spirit of Christ.

We must not be greedy or niggardly when dealing with men. While there are some things that must be done we should go above and beyond to do our duty with smiles and generosity. It’s not enough just to pay our employees or servants. Let us show gratitude for their service. It isn’t enough to just do the job for which our employer pays us. Let us do it with alacrity, eagerness, and willingness to complete a necessary service, even if it means we lose ourselves. We are called to be Christ’s followers, shining our light in the darkness; flowers that shed their fragrance upon the world; and fountains that rise from the arid deserts. Our hands will be filled with love and ministry, as we distribute our barley loaves, fishes and breads.

PRAYER for Today

O God, may our generosity be greater for those around us. May we be able to reach the full extent of our potential and become perfect as Thou, Father, is perfect in love. AMEN.